High Velocity Mini-Duct Service

Do you live in an older home or is your business in an older home? Are you sick of using in-window AC units in order to cool down your home or business? What if there was an easier way to get better cooling without altering the structure of your home or business? At Andrews Heating & Cooling, we are here to offer an affordable and dependable solution for you. Our HVAC technicians are able to install high velocity mini-duct systems that can offer exceptional cooling without noisy, time-consuming renovations. If you want to know more about how a high velocity mini-duct system in Rock Hill, SC could benefit you, call our office at 704-887-6143 now.

What Is a High Velocity Mini-Duct System?

High Velocity Mini-Duct System

A High Velocity Mini-Duct System Offers So Many Benefits for Older Homes and Businesses.

A high velocity mini-duct system is almost exactly like a traditional air conditioner, but an air conditioner is about three times bigger than a high velocity mini-duct system. Not only is it a lot smaller than traditional air conditioning, they do not require adding air ducts or drilling holes. That is what makes them so great for older homes because they are small and don’t involve intrusive and noisy installation service.

With high velocity mini-duct systems, homeowners and business owners can cool rooms a lot faster, save on electricity, have better air circulation, and not have to worry about messy or long installation time. Another perk is that because the ducts are 2 to 4 inches, they are able to go anywhere. To find out more about a high velocity mini-duct system in Rock Hill, SC, contact us today!

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While the cost of installing high velocity mini-ducts might be more expensive than a conventional air conditioner, it’s important to be cognizant of the fact that retrofitting your older home for a traditional AC system will actually cost more in the long run. If having better cooling for your home or business is important, it’s worth considering investing in a high velocity mini-duct system in Rock Hill, SC. The HVAC contractors at Andrews Heating & Cooling are more than happy to go over our installation process, as well as give you free estimates on this type of air conditioning service. Please call us today at 704-887-6143 to receive more information about this mini-duct system.