Refrigerant Recharge Service

If you are having issues getting your AC to sufficiently cool your home or business, the first thing we tend to think is wrong is an air conditioner component. While that very well could be the problem, sometimes our homes or businesses don’t cool off that well due to low levels of refrigerant. At Andrews Heating & Cooling, we can provide air conditioning maintenance and determine what is wrong with your AC. If the issue is with your refrigerant, we can offer refrigerant recharge in Rock Hill, SC. Call our HVAC contractors at 704-887-6143 to learn more.

Why Do You Have to Recharge the Refrigerant?

Refrigerant Recharge Service

A Refrigerant Recharge Ensures the A/C Always Blows Cold Air

When you don’t have refrigerant in your air conditioner, it is unable to produce cool air for your home or business. The way that refrigerant works are by absorbing any heat that is indoors and from there goes from a gas and into a liquid. From there, the air is pushed outside and a fan blows hot air on coils. When it cools down, it turns back into a gas and is transferred back inside where coils are then cooled with air.

When something goes wrong in the above process, then your home or business is unable to cool down. Getting refrigerant recharge in Rock Hill, SC can ensure that you don’t have to worry about low levels of refrigerant for your air conditioner. Just call our office and we can set up an appointment for our HVAC technicians to come check out your AC. If we find something else wrong with your air conditioner, we can provide repairs and replacement services.

Quality Refrigerant Recharge Services

If you think that your air conditioner could use a refrigerant recharge in Rock Hill, SC, please call us at 704-887-6143 today. We are ready to ensure your AC is working the way that it should with this particular air conditioning service for your home or business. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can always depend on our team of HVAC contractors when you need fast, reliable, and convenient service. Don’t wait until your air conditioning system is blowing hot air into your home or business, get in touch with as soon as you can.