Thermostat Replacement Service

Thermostat Replacement, Repair, and Upgrade

Get a Thermostat Replacement, Repair, Or Upgrade Through the Professionals at Andrews Heating & Cooling.

The function of the thermostat is to control the temperature of your home or businesses cooling and heating. It can be really inconvenient when a thermostat inconsistently cools or heats your property or has other issues. Usually, a simple repair will have it working again, but other times it might need to be replaced. While our customers might be upset that the whole thermostat is replaced, it is usually less costly than repairing your thermostat over and over again. Not only that, a new thermostat can save you money because newer thermostats are a lot more energy efficient. If you think you need a thermostat replacement in Rock Hill, SC, call the professional HVAC technicians at Andrews Heating & Cooling. We are experts in all things HVAC parts replacement, so you can feel confident working with our team. Give us a call at 704-887-6143 to schedule an appointment.

Thermostat Repair Service

Most of the time, our HVAC contractors can inspect your thermostat and make the necessary repairs that it needs. Common causes that need thermostat repair are the HVAC system continually running, the screen of the thermostat won’t turn on, the programmed settings keep getting lost, or the thermostat isn’t following the programmed settings. Whatever the problem is, our licensed and fully-insured technicians are able to provide affordable and reliable repairs for your thermostat. A great way for our technicians to catch repairs before they become bigger is with heating and cooling maintenance. We have services agreements that include two inspections per year for heating and AC systems, so we can find any issues with your thermostat before they become big problems. Call us today to get thermostat repair or thermostat replacement in Rock Hill, SC.

Upgrade Your Thermostat Today

At Andrews Heating & Cooling, we want our customers to have the best cooling and heating for their home or businesses, and a great way to achieve this is with an upgraded thermostat. Newer thermostats like digital thermostats make it so easy to control and program your thermostat. If you are tired of your current thermostat and want an upgrade, you can call us at 704-887-6143. We are ready to help you with all of your thermostat services, so whether you need thermostat repair or thermostat replacement in Rock Hill, SC, we are the HVAC company to contact.